Финал фестиваля «Вместе медиа» 2020–2021 в Москве: 120 городов, 400 редакций, 1500 конкурсных работ



Since our founding in 1999, our activities have been aimed at supporting domestic broadcasters in their three-fold quest of improving their work, staying current with the latest industry trends and meeting the highest professional standards of journalism.

According to the Russian Federation's Fundamental Principles of Legislation for Culture, radio is an important part of culture. It would be difficult to find another country in which radio plays such a significant role. For many decades, radio has been helping to maintain an integrated cultural environment in our immense country. 

Radio is a public need. With the help of radio, millions of people get the latest news, listen to music, participate in discussions and learn. We should create radio that is not only profitable, but also meets the needs of society. These issues are regularly being raised and discussed not only by the public, but also in the policy documents of the government and reports of the relevant agencies. 

The focus of our work is to further develop local regional broadcasting. We understand its problems and complexities. Thus, as recognized experts in the radio market, we were invited to participate in the development of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications industry analysis report “Radio in Russia: Status, Trends and Prospects". Within this project, we are working on the section devoted to the analysis of changes in the Russian regional markets.

Our main project is the festival "Radio Together", which annually brings together more than two hundred local radio professionals. This is a creative competition, as well as a communication and experience exchange platform. We organize workshops on journalism, report on the latest changes in legislation and encourage collaboration between stations.

For many years we have been organizing trainings and internships for radio specialists in Russia and abroad. These efforts have been increasing the practice of exchanges, which was declared as a priority in the international cultural cooperation policy of the Russian Federation. 

The evolution of new media and convergence processes have transformed traditional media. Within this rapidly evolving environment, we provide assistance to well-established broadcasters in meeting contemporary standards. Furthermore, we help new media professionals to keep up the best practices, standards and traditions of classical media.

About FNR

FNR - is a Russian non-profit organization, whose activities are focused on the development of broadcasting and new media.


Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting

Address: FNR, Moscow, Raushskaya embankment, 4/5, building 1.
115035, Russia.
E-mail: office@fnr.ru

(499) 551-57-00
(499) 551-57-00

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